Our Mission

Fitness is personal and unique to each person, and one individual’s idea of fitness does not necessarily transcend into everyone else’s. For the advanced, fitness is finding ways to push limits- move beyond the norm. For many, fitness is a means to improve or maintain a lifestyle of overall health, yet fitness to the new is a tool to get back- to move and keep moving- to live. 

For all, fitness means improvement- whether an athlete or someone coming back from injury and everyone in between, fitness is the main ingredient to recovery both physically and emotionally. All Fit Bungee provides a platform to help all levels achieve fitness and health goals in a fun and challenging environment. All Fit Bungee is the new way to the new you.

Meet Our Trainers!

Jana Shaw

My name is Jana Shaw, and I’m thrilled to jump into this fitness journey with you. I truly believe that if one moves, one improves- the mind, spirit, and overall quality of life. Bungee is a means of facilitating movement, and I simply love sharing the benefits of bungee fitness!

I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Utah State University in Dance and English Education, and am the Co-owner of All Fit Bungee. I’m also certified in the Les Mills Body Attack and Body Jam programs, and I am a cardio addict- in only the best way! I am the owner and director of Shaw Dance Studio and Preschool- heading into my 31st year!

I am a mother, grandmother, employer, and a busy entrepreneur. I have a passion for dance and exercise in all of their forms, and I certainly appreciate the personal journey to become one’s personal best. I love teaching and coaching, and bungee fitness is truly a new way to a new you! Join us!!!

Troy Van Buren

Hi.. my name is Troy Van Buren, father of three amazing adult children, Co-owner of All Fit Bungee, and someone who just wants you to be happy.

I’ve been involved with athletics my whole life- whether it’s competing, raising athletes, or coaching and training at the high school level, I know a thing or two about fitness and exercise. I also know how life can get in the way of staying healthy and mobile.
I don’t care about the what’s and why’s people have for being who or what they are now; it’s something I can’t change, but what I do care about is when someone makes the choice for positive change and acts on it.

Fitness and health is a choice too many choose to dismiss. Fitness is a lifestyle, and it’s a process. Most people fail because they set goals beyond their current capabilities. I want to help change that. I want to help individuals understand that staying healthy or getting healthy again is a journey that doesn’t need to be horrible or hard, but it does take some effort and commitment.

Come join our bungee family. Team up with others who have faced many of the same obstacles you might be facing now and see what bungee has done for them. Start moving before it’s too late and someone has to move you.

Amberlee Brian

Amberlee Brian has been an instructor at All Fit Bungee for 3 years and Health Coach for 4 years. Amberlee teaches Bungee Rev classes, in addition she also manages registration, social media and communications for All Fit Bungee.

After struggling with her own weight and losing over 90 lbs, Amberlee once again found her love of weight training and of course Bungee Fitness! She loves helping others find a healthy balance in their lives. She has taught dance and tumbling for over 19 years, and currently coaches Tumbling and Cheer at Shaw Dance Studio. We love the energy and fun She brings to all her classes.