All In Curriculum

What makes All Fit Bungee extremely successful is the consistency in our program and trainers alike. The All In Program will provide that same comprehensive curriculum for your business. As of January 1, 2023 our All Fit Bungee instructor training program is NASM/AFAA approved, our All In curriculum is a continuation of this amazing nationally accredited program.

All In by All Fit Bungee is a comprehensive fitness program that has been developed and refined by the owners and staff of All Fit Bungee, LLC. Combined, we have bachelor’s degrees in dance, multiple group fitness certifications, years of experience in sports, dance, tumbling and athletic training and coaching. Our clientele consistently runs at 87% capacity, and out of those clients,95% are on a monthly contract. How do we have such amazing client retention and satisfaction? Consistency in method. 


Most Bungee studios around the country use a freestyle method of teaching group fitness. Although there are set movements, most of the time instructors have their own routines or structure that they teach. Class structure varies from instructor to instructor. All In provides the consistency in program that your clients crave along with the freedom of variety your instructors will love! Contact us for more information!

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