Getting Started

Are you ready to get started with All Fit Bungee and bungee fitness? Terrific! We require each participant to attend our two class introductory series. This series is $35 and generally takes place on a Friday evening and Saturday morning. In this series, participants are introduced to the harness and bungee, and where basic bungee movements and terminology are taught. 

Clients learn proper bungee fitting, and will learn to trust the bungee, while getting a fun, full-body cardio workout that will rev the heart rate and build the desire to progress to the next level. Built into this session is the harness fitting, a weight check for proper bungee resistance, and basic education to help participants have a safe and effective bungee training session. 

The second part of this series is an intro to our REV classes. We have found that some clients feel a little overwhelmed going into their first REV class, we feel that this is a bridge between the two. It is very important for clients to be confident in the bungee so they can have the best experience possible in future bungee workouts.

This series is available for those 18 yrs + and under 270 lbs. If you are close to this weight, we recommend that you contact us and we set up a private harness fitting prior to registration. Each person participating in class must register individually.

This series focuses on bungee technique, and is essential for bungee success. Our First-Timers Series is an abbreviated version of our Rev class- our most popular and successful class for bungee participants. the first part of the series does involve a lot of talking and instruction, but only for the safety and future success at All Fit Bungee.
Participants may register for the series ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE of the scheduled session.

All registration is done via our All Fit Bungee app, available for iPhone and Android users.

Download Our App

Easily schedule your classes through our All Fit Bungee app.  The app has the most up to date schedule and options, and all purchases and classes are always set and scheduled through the All Fit Bungee app.